LED shows

Group LED show

The group LED show of MovingFireArts forms an all around performance of light and visual arts.

This show is performed by 7 artists, who know how to combine technical light choreographies, with dance and acrobatic elements, in a fascinating way.

The led tools are completely programmable on music! The theme of the show can be futuristic and modern or elegant white and stylish.

Show Details
Duration 20 minutes
Artists 7 artists
Required Space 10 X 10 m, flat surface
Music Own music set
Other requirements Dark space

The LED Fairies

The LED Fairies by MovingFireArts, is a fairytale animation act for all kind of audience. This animation act is performed by three gorgeous female dancers, who know how to enchant the audience with their magical appearance.

During their show they impress their audience with LED hulahoops, LED fans en fairy LED wings.